Taiga Ishii


  • I'm Taiga Ishii (石井 太河)

  • M2 student at the University of Tokyo

  • Currently working on:

    • inductive bias of RNN

    • inductive bias of unsupervised parsing methods

  • Email: taigarana [at] is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Research Interest

  • Inductive bias

  • Mathematical features of natural language (language universals, variations)


  • 2021/04 ~ Present: Department of Computer Science, The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

  • 2017/04 ~ 2021/03: Department of Information Science, School of Science, The University of Tokyo


International Conference (Non-refereed)


  • Ryo Ueda, Taiga Ishii, Koki Washio, Yusuke Miyao. “Categorial Grammar Induction as a Compositionality Measure for Emergent Languages in Signaling Games.” Emergent Communication Workshop at the Tenth International Conference on Learning Representations (EmeCom at ICLR 2022). [paper]

Domestic Conference (Non-refereed)


  • 石井太河, 上田亮, 宮尾祐介. 『LSTMの無変化性バイアスの実験的分析』. 言語処理学会第28回年次大会(NLP2022)(委員特別賞).[paper]

  • 上田亮, 石井太河, 宮尾祐介. 『創発言語でもHarrisの分節原理は成り立つのか?』. 言語処理学会第28回年次大会(NLP2022)優秀賞).[paper]


  • 2022/03 ~ Present: Working as a researcher in CREST [数理的情報活用基盤] 令和3年度採択課題 「自然言語の非線形性の計算論モデル」

  • 2021/03 ~ Present: Contributing to MioGatto: Math Identifier-oriented Grounding Annotation Tool [URL]


  • Fishing

  • Anime

  • Tasting (Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, etc.)

  • Martial Arts